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  Zeolite Applications  
  Agriculture Agriculture
Ecological agricultural products, cultivation medium, soil treatment and remediation, golf courses.
  Animals Animals
Animal feed additive, animal waste treatment, fish farms and pet care products.
  Water Treatment Water Treatment
Municipal and industrial water treatment. Ammonia and heavy metal removal.
  Swimming Pool Filtration Swimming Pools
Filter medium for swimming pool filters. Replaces sand and improves filter performance.
  Construction Materials Construction
Construction materials, lightweight concrete, ceramics and frits.
  Industrial uses Industry
Absorbant, dehumidification, gas seperation, filtration.
  Health Health
Human dietary supplement, diarrhea treatment, absorbent for personal care products.
  Welcome to Zeocat Soluciones Ecológicas  
The company was founded in 2003, by an English chemist living in Barcelona, with the objective of increasing zeolite usage and promoting research into new applications of natural zeolites.
There are many types of natural zeolite and every zeolite deposit is different. Our mission is to supply the best quality zeolite for each application, at the best price, and to give the best customer service. We are the only independent supplier of natural zeolite in Spain and we can supply zeolite for all possible application areas.
  What is zeolite?  
It is a category of minerals of volcanic origin. Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals which were formed by the vitrification of volcanic ash over millions of years. They have a highly porous structure and exhibit high levels of cation exchange capacity.
Zeolites have many possible applications such as water filtration, cultivation media, animal feed additive moisture adsorption and gas separation.
The cubans called it "la roca magica" because of it's curative properties in both animals and humans.
  R & D  
  R & D
Although zeolites have existed for many thousands of years, scientists are only now discovering the full potential of this group of minerals. In countries such as Cuba, Japan and the USA where zeolites are found in abundance, many studies have been carried out which have led to new and innovative applications of natural zeolites.
Further research is necessary to fully understand how zeolites work in current aplications and to find new ways in which they can be used to benefit people, animals, and the environment.
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